The Cashless Tipping Solution Made For The Beauty Industry!

  • Your clients can tip with their credit cards.
  • Business Owners save on processing fees.
  • Service Professionals tips are instantly deposited into their accounts.
  • Easy annual subscription, all hardware and support are included.
  • Simply plug in & GO!

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What Others Are Saying!

desidgn 1 salon and spa

Design 1 Salon Spa

(Graham W., COO)

Since reopening after COVID we implemented Tippy and have been so grateful we did. Prior to Tippy we would cash out our service providers tips every day and this caused a lot of issues and cash on hand. Tippy has eliminated us having to have bank courier service since client tips go directly to their bank account. Our staff loves Tippy because they can see what each client tips, there are reports they can run and the money goes directly to their bank account. Best feature is that now our clients can tip ANYWHERE! We added Tippy to our website and now clients can be at home and tip their provider.

desidgn 1 salon and spa

Free Spirit Salon

(Megan P., Salon Manager)

Tippy has been a saving grace during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to switch to a contactless and cash-free check-out before Covid-19 but the pandemic really gave us the kick in the butt to do it. We were worried about our Service Provider's and how they were going to feel about a cashless business for their tips. With Tippy, our SP's have been very happy! They can see their tip immediately, who it is from, and it transfers to their bank account the next day! Thanks Tippy for helping us to have a smooth transition during an uncertain time. Also, the customer service at Tippy is amazing!!!

desidgn 1 salon and spa

Finesse Spa & Salon

(Calie VZ., Salon Coordinator)

As the Salon Coordinator, I have received great feedback
from our team and guests regarding Tippy.Our team has shared their new awareness of income created by gratuities. This has allowed them to be able to save more with the direct deposit feature. Our guests enjoyed seeing their providers smiling face along with the ease of selecting one of the three options. These options keep the process quick and simple at closing. Tippy is a
Triple Win!

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How much is a Tippy Subscription?

It’s ONLY $300 A YEAR! And that includes hardware & support! Once you're signed up, your hardware arrives in a few days and all you have to do is plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi & GO! The Tippy mobile app is FREE for your staff to receive and track tips! Go ahead, download Tippy now and play around!

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