Why do I want Tippy?

Tippy was conceived and developed by industry insiders to solve what has been listed as one of the top issues facing salons today. With the migration from cash to plastic, guests are carrying less cash and demanding the convenience of tipping on credit cards. This imposes costly additional processing fees on the salon owner. For the service professionals who were accustomed to carrying cash tips home every night, they now have to wait up to two weeks to receive these in their payroll. Of course, they now are confronted with withholding taxes through their payroll. Good news…Tippy solves all three problems…1) The salon owner no longer pays any processing fee on the tips; 2) The service providers receive their tips every next business day in their personal bank accounts; and 3) Tips increase an average of 30%. Also, there are other cool features including a mobile app for service professionals that tracks, organizes and summarizes each of their clients and their tips throughout the year! It just keeps getting better! Bam!

Does it matter what Point of Sale system my salon has?

Nope! Tippy is not integrated with your point of sale which makes us POS agnostic and is simple to install. It does not connect to the POS, so if you don’t like it, simply put it back in its box, call us and a flying pig will pick it up!

My Point of Sale system already allows tipping on credit cards, what is the benefit of using Tippy?

Don’t get us wrong. Your salon’s current Point of Sale system may be doing a great job for the business. But how about for you? They don’t have mobile apps and cool terminals for every feature. That’s where Tippy comes in! We focus on one thing, Tipping, and we do it best-in-show. Tippy will outperform the outdated and impersonal “add a tip on credit card receipt” every time !

How does it work?

By using our plug & play system, clients will be presented with suggested amounts to directly tip their service professional(s) from our Tippy kiosk. Service professionals will then receive a notification on their mobile app of the tip received. The next business day their tip(s) will be directly deposited!

Is there a second swipe for the customer?

Absolutely! And that’s part of Tippy’s secret sauce. It’s all about recreating that forgotten personal experience of tucking a $20 dollar bill into your service professional’s pocket. After a client pays for their service(s), Tippy’s kiosk is prompted by the front desk and turned toward the client. It’s separate from the traditional receipt, and clients LOVE knowing that their tip is going directly to their favorite service professional.

My salon encourages Venmo. How is Tippy better?

Apps like Venmo and Zelle are certainly an option. But Tippy has multiple advantages :
1) Tippy does not require your clients to download anything on their
2) Tips are proven higher with Tippy due to its convenience and user experience
3) If it’s left to the client to tip using an app on their phone, many forget and/or tip less
4) Tippy provides real-time accurate tip reporting to the business and service professional. So there’s no need for every service professional to pass their tips along on a daily basis
5) No tedious hand ledgering of tip reports. With Tippy, everything is provided in a dashboard for the business, and it's built to be digitally passed through to payroll
6) Tippy prevents false tip reporting by the service professional - something that business owners could be liable for with Venmo or Zelle.

My salon is "cash tipping only.” Why use Tippy?

Bringing Tippy in could be an automatic raise for your team without increasing your budget. In addition, Tippy could boost salon morale & elevate the client experience!
Not to mention, your clients are carrying less and less cash these days. You may believe you have them “trained” to show up with cash, but the more convenient you make tipping for them, the higher the tips will be. Chances are if they forgot to bring cash for their salon visit, you could miss out on a great tip due to lack of convenience. And it’s a proven fact that people are willing to spend more for an item and tip more for a service when using plastic vs. cash. By the way....you will be amazed, how many of your customers aren’t great at percentages and have been unintentionally under tipping.

Why are tips higher with Tippy?

As Sam Villa, one of Tippy’s endorsers, says, “It’s all about the client experience.” By making tipping convenient and personal, and providing suggested tip amounts based off of the cost of the service, Tippy helps to increase tips for service professionals. We built and ran Tippy at our seven salons for 18 months before releasing to the public; and during those 18 months, we ran studies on many different experiences in order to bring you the best and most effective solution. Tippy is tried, tested and proven! See here!

How much does Tippy cost?

The salon pays an annual subscription fee of $300+tax & receives a FREE Tippy Kiosk which includes your subscription, technology, support and the coolest kiosk imaginable! It’s an easy economic decision!

Does Tippy have a “free trial period?"

Absolutely. Tippy provides a 30 day free trial. And if you decide you don’t like it (impossible!), then you simply unplug and return it. It isn’t connected to your point of sale so no harm, no foul!

How much does Tippy save?

So let’s talk dollars and good sense! Tippy saves your salon all processing fees on tips. And for an average salon, that means an extra $3,000 - $5,000 in your bank account at the end of the year. That’s a lot of cents!

Who pays the processing fee….the service provider or the client?

Simple. The processing fees are paid by the client. A Tippy fee is conveniently included in each tip selected by the client and allows us to process the credit card and deposit the tips into the service professional’s account NEXT business day!
Here’s how it works: Tippy provides three suggested tip amounts to the guest. Thanks to Tippy’s proprietary algorithm, each of these suggested tip amounts has the processing fee already added in. So depending on which button the client selects, the service professional will receive a NET 20%, 25%, or 30% tip. (note: there is also a fourth button for custom tipping)

Does the business still have to pay Payroll taxes on tips with Tippy?

Unfortunately yes! If you are a “commission salon,” you are still liable for payroll taxes on tips... regardless of how the tips were collected. We can’t save you the payroll taxes, but we can make it a lot easier for you to handle them! Feel free to check out what advice our friends at Kopsa Otte have to say about tip reporting here!

Does Tippy provide a 1099?

Tippy does not provide a 1099 to service professionals or business owners. Our platform does however make reporting tips easy by providing full access to the reports you need throughout the year with a web-based dashboard for business owners and service professionals to access their reports right from their mobile app.

How does Tippy improve my front desk experience?

The front desk is an important player in any tipping experience for the client. Tippy suggests tip amounts based off their service amount entered and this can reduce any awkward conversation between the front desk and client. We also provide suggested front desk scripts and of course, our support team is always available to share best practices educating guests about Tippy!

When do tips get deposited?

All tips are received in a timely fashion by being directly deposited the next business day by 5 p.m.! No more waiting for weekly/bi-weekly payroll to receive tips or carrying around large amounts of cash. Tips that are received on the weekend or the day before a holiday will be deposited the next business day as well, depending on when the holiday falls.

What do I need to start Tippy?

1) Simple! Click here to sign up!!
2) While your Tippy Kiosk is on the way… have your staff download the Free Tippy Mobile App (Don’t forget to share your company code!)
3) Once Tippy lands in your location(s) you’ll be ready to roll (around in the mud)!

What is Tipit >> Fwd?

Tipit >> Fwd is a new product built to help service professionals during this difficult time! Clients can leave a tip safely from the convenience of their home directly to their service professionals bank account, along with an encouraging message!
To get started is easy peasy! Click here to sign up! We will provide you with your own personal link so that you can simply share it through any preferred communication tool you use with your clients. For example: email, social platforms and so on. Tippy takes care of the rest!