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Hello owners

We generate higher tips & instant payouts. Some call it magic, we call it expertise.

  • Hiring & retention just got easier. With Tippy, employees get a raise-for free!
  • Tippy instantly floats the tips to your staff
  • And…you save all processing fees on tips

Hello service professionals

We financially empower all service professionals with higher tips & instant tip deposits.

  • We know you work hard for those tips. Now, get your tips instantly.
  • Our forward facing tipping kiosk brings back the personalization of tipping.
  • See who tipped you and how much!

Hello POS partners

Welcome to our first ever seamless, all-in-one checkout experience.

Our Point of Sale integration Solution offers all the benefits of our Stand-Alone Solution plus:

  • All-in-one customer checkout kiosk
  • Single-swipe transaction
  • Integrated data flows with your POS

Customization means collaboration. It's not just us... it's about the company we keep.

We can't take all the credit.

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Empowering ALL Service Industries

Pet groomers, fitness instructors, servers, auto technicians, velet workers, stylists, and more… You name a service professional, we’ll provide the tipping solution.