The App for A Job Well DoneTM

Tippy is the tipping solution that’s revolutionizing the salon and spa industry. Tippy helps salon owners reduce processing fees while creating a platform for salon professionals to receive higher tips that are directly deposited into their bank accounts next day.


Hi, I’m Tippy

Tippy is the app that elevates the joyful, human aspect of the beauty industry. It helps some people say, “thank you,” and helps others make a lot more money!

With these goals, Tippy’s charm is no surprise: with constant encouragement and insights, Tippy empowers stylists and other service professionals to achieve their goals.


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Happy Business Owners

Invite and manage staff, customize tip reporting, track & motivate service professionals.

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Happy Customers

Say “thank you” using a fun design that makes tipping easy! And receive notifications that their tip was received.

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Happy Service Professionals

Track tips and set financial goals. Watch their numbers grow throughout the day. And have tips deposited straight into their bank account the next day.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Why do I want it?

Reduce processing fees, improve customer & stylist satisfaction, and enjoy daily motivations from your newly found friend, Tippy.

How does it work?

By using our stand-alone system, customers are able to directly tip their stylists. Tippy removes the salon owner from acting as a banker. Stylists link their bank accounts to the platform and are able to receive tips, direct deposited the next day.

Does it matter what POS my salon has?

Nope. Tippy is POS agnostic and is simple to install. It does not connect to the POS, so if you don’t like it, simply put it in a box, call us and a flying pig will pick it up.

What do I need to start Tippy?

Simple! Sign Up, while your Tippy Kiosk is on the way, you’ll set up your admin account and invite your staff to download the Free Tippy Mobile App. Once Tippy lands in your location(s) you’ll be ready to rock & roll!

Do I still have to pay taxes?

The bad news is yes. As helpful as our platform is, you will still need to pay taxes.

The good news is in our beta tests, tips increased an average of 30%! Woo hoo!

How Much Does It Cost?

The salon pays an annual subscription fee but receives a FREE Tippy Kiosk which includes the software, updates and ongoing support! Still much less than the processing fees it’s saving!

The customer pays a convenience fee, and the service professional receives the tip which is deposited into their personal bank account the next business day! The Tippy Mobile App is FREE to download and includes features like tracking, goal setting and MORE!

Should I Believe in Flying Pigs?


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