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Meet Tippy! Digital tipping solutions that were originally built for the beauty industry. We are saving business owners money on processing fees and increasing tips for service providers! Tippy provides users with access to the DirectTips™ suite of services, including tip processing, fund transfers & disbursements, and other payment-related services, including financial management.

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Stand Alone

No POS integration needed. Simply plug in, connect to Wi-Fi & GO! Best used for checkout counters & front desks.


We are integrating with some of the top global POS companies to help save on processing fees. Interested? Just ask!

QR Code

We provide companies with unique QR’s that anyone can scan to tip. Best used for easy & quick tipping on-the-go.


Your unique QR can also be used as a link to send in text, email or promote on social media.

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Why do I want Tippy?

While Tippy was originally conceived by the beauty industry to solve the demands from the migration from cash to plastic, Tippy has become an attractive solution for all businesses that accept tips. Tippy’s personal charm allows those tipping to have a personal connection knowing their tip is going directly to the appropriate person(s). Business owners no longer have to pay processing fees on tips or have to worry about floating tip funds to pay out. Service professionals are empowered to receive their tips REAL TIME with our free Instant Tip Card Program, and tips can increase up to 35%!! Just tell us when to stop bragging we could go on all day...

My Point of Sale system already allows tipping on credit card’s. What is the benefit of using Tippy?

Don’t get us wrong. Your current Point of Sale system may be doing a great job for the business. But how about for you? They can’t have mobile apps and cool terminals for every feature. That’s where Tippy comes in. We focus on one thing, tipping, and we do it best-in-show. Tippy will outperform the updated and impersonal “add a tip on credit card receipt” every time!

Is there a second swipe for the customer?

Absolutely! And that’s part of Tippy’s secret sauce. It’s all about recreating that forgotten personal experience of personally handing someone a $20 bill. It’s separate from the traditional receipt, and customers LOVE knowing that their tip is going directly to the appropriate person(s)!

My business encourages Venmo. How is Tippy better?

Apps like Venmo and Zelle are certainly an option, but Tippy has multiple advantages:

1. Tippy does not require the person tipping to download anything on their phones;

2. Tips are proven higher with Tippy due to its convenience and user experience;

3. If it’s left to the person to tip using an app on their phone, many forget and/or tip less;

4. Tippy provides real-time accurate tip reporting to the business. So there’s no need for every employee to pass their tips along on a daily basis;

5. No tedious hand ledgering of tip reports. With Tippy, everything is provided in a dashboard for the business, and it's built to be digitally passed through to payroll;

6. Tippy prevents false tip reporting- something that business owners could be liable for Venmo or Zelle

My business is "cash tipping only.” Why use Tippy ?

Bringing Tippy in could be an automatic raise for your team without increasing your budget. In addition, Tippy could boost morale & elevate your business experience!

Not to mention, everyone is carrying less and less cash these days. You may believe you have customers “trained” to show up with cash, but the more convenient you make tipping for them, the higher the tips will be. Chances are if they forgot to bring cash you could miss out on a great tip due to lack of convenience. It’s a proven fact that people are willing to spend more for an item and tip more for a service when using plastic vs. cash. By the will be amazed how many of your customers aren’t great at percentages and have been unintentionally under tipping.

Why are tips higher with Tippy?

As Sam Villa, one of Tippy’s endorsers, says, “It’s all about the customer experience.” Make the tipping experience both convenient and personal for the customer - and with the knowledge that you will immediately see what they’ve tipped - and your tips will be higher. Tippy is tried, tested and proven!
Sam Villa Aligns With Tippy To Financially Empower Stylists

How much does Tippy cost?

Tippy only costs a business $300.00 + tax per kiosk annually. Your subscription includes hardware, software, full dashboard, TippyGO and Instant Tips! It’s an easy economic decision!

Does Tippy have a “free trial period?”

Absolutely! Tippy provides a 30 day free trial. If you decide you don’t like it (impossible!), then you simply unplug and return it. It isn’t connected to your point of sale so no harm, no foul!

How much does Tippy save?

So let’s talk dollars and good sense! Tippy saves your business on all processing fees on tips. On average, we see businesses saving $3500 annually! That means an extra $3,000 - $5,000 in your bank account at the end of the year. That’s a lot of cents!

I am a LEVEL Member. Can I pay for Tippy with my LEVEL Loyalty Points?

You bet! If you are looking for a good place to park some of your LEVEL Loyalty Points, Tippy is fully integrated with the LEVEL Loyalty Program. Just say yes, and you can use 24,000 points/year for your Tippy kiosk. It’s as easy as that!

Who pays the processing fee… The service provider or the guest?

Each transaction includes a small convenience fee to the person leaving the tip, allowing us to directly deposit funds at lightning speeds! Tippy provides a few options to business owners for how they can display the fee on the Tippy Pro kiosk to best suit their business model.

Does the business still have to pay Payroll taxes on tips with Tippy?

Unfortunately yes! Since tips are considered income, as a business owner and employee you are still liable for taxes on tips ... regardless of how the tips were collected. We can’t save you on taxes, but we can make it a lot easier for you to handle them!

Feel free to check out what advice our friends at Kopsa Otte have to say about tip reporting.

Reporting Tips In Payroll

Does Tippy integrate with my payroll?

It’s super easy! Tippy provides every business owner with a web-based dashboard. And with the click of a button at payroll time, a csv file is automatically created that can be passed over to your payroll company. The standardized csv file includes a column for employee IDs.

Does Tippy provide a 1099?

Tippy does not provide a 1099. Our platform does, however, make reporting tips easy by providing full access to the reports you need throughout the year with a web-based dashboard.

When do tips deposit?

All tips are deposited the following business day.
All transactions received Friday through Sunday will be deposited on Monday, as ACH transfers take place during normal banking hours. Tips that are received the day before or on a holiday will be deposited the next business day as well, depending on when the holiday falls.

Ex: Memorial Day Monday, bankers are barbequing so all tips from the holiday weekend will be deposited on Tuesday.

OR if you enrolled in an Instant Tip Card, your tips will deposit INSTANTLY! How is that for lightning speeds?!

What do I need to start Tippy?

Simple! Click here to fill out a request information form and a Tippy Success Specialist will reach out to you in no time!!

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