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Why Tippy

Seamless checkout experience

Processing Fee

Stop paying processing fees on tips! Tippy businesses are saving an average of $2,500 annually. That’s a lot of money!

INSTANT tips to spend,
transfer or save.

The Tippy app is integrated into your digital wallet (powered by Branch) so now all tips are available immediately!

Get up and Running
with No Costs

Easy Setup of our 10.2” iPad + Kiosk included with any
solution at no initial cost. Tippy Support Team is available whenever, wherever.

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What are Current businesses saying?

Tippy has our stylists loving getting their tips instantly, and they are higher, averaging a 20% increase! Consumers compliment the convenience of the software. And from my side, I love saving processing fees on the tips. It's easy to sign up and launch across multiple locations. It's a simple business decision, and I strongly suggest everyone gets started.
Scott Sharkey
Scott Sharkey
Scott Sharkey Owner, Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids Franchise



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