Tippy’s Digital Tipping Platform Receives Endorsement By Summit Salon Business Center

The salon and spa industry’s largest consulting, seminar and training company will now offer Tippy’s new digital tipping platform as a financial empowerment resource.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 04, 2019

Tippy, the digital tipping platform for the salon and spa industry, has received an endorsement by Summit Salon Business Center, the worlds’ largest consulting, seminar and training company for salons and spas. As a preferred partner of Summit, Tippy’s disruptive tipping solution will now be available to a network of more than 4,400 salons and salon professionals across the country.

Summit Salon Business Center and Tippy have the same goal– helping stylists and salon owners grow their businesses and accomplish financial success. Tippy’s unique software enables service professionals, such as stylists, to collect higher tips and have them deposited into their personal bank accounts daily. By using the customer facing terminals and mobile app for service providers, Tippy allows business owners to effectively reduce credit card processing fees.

“By teaching salon professionals how to manage their business and financials, Summit has created an amazing platform for business owners” said Terry McKim, Founder and CIO of Tippy. “We are excited to leverage this partnership and introduce this business solution to their many salons and stylists nationwide.”

Salons and stylists in the Summit network will now have access to the Tippy digital tipping platform, which includes a Tippy Mobile App, a Tippy-branded kiosk, digital dashboard summarizing transactions, and technical support from Tippy’s Success Agent Program. Additionally, salons who are part of Summit Salon Business Center will receive financial tools to success, tutorials, classes and workshops on financial empowerment.

“It was easy for us to identify that Tippy has a similar goal as Summit Salon Business Center” said Heather Bagby, Summit Vice President of Business Development. “We are always looking for ways to offer financial empowerment tools to help our salons and stylists be at the top of their game and by endorsing Tippy, this helps them get there.”

Tippy is a digital tipping solution built for industry professionals by industry professionals. Tippy’s disruptive technology offers a suite of tools reducing salon owners’ processing fees and improving service providers’ tips, helping them to meet and exceed financial goals. Tippy is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For more information, visit Tippy.

Summit Salon Business Center is the worlds’ largest consulting, seminar and training company for salons and spas. Their remarkable record of turning marginally profitable salons into successful businesses occurred through an emphasis on team building, training, educating, and by continuing to guide their salon clients to success with their consultants. To learn more, visit Summit Salon.

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