Tippy’s Suggested Tipping Structure Averages Over 21% of Service

Tippy was founded on the basis of solving a critical problem for Salon and Spa owners and their valued employees. As more and more customers ask to leave tips on credit cards, owners have inherited a new processing fee while the professionals have to wait up to two weeks to receive gratuities.
Since launching, we have helped Salon and Spa locations around the country save on card fees while increasing tips for service professionals and depositing them to their bank accounts the next business day.

We are constantly researching industry trends to make the best tipping products and services for our customers. We listen closely to your feedback and work hard to improve our offerings. Tipping is what we do and we strive to do it better than anyone else.
That’s why this week we are excited to introduce our new suggested tipping feature on Tippy Pro.

Based on your input, our suggesting tipping buttons are now fixed dollars amounts, which guarantee the service providers receive at least 20%, 25%, or 30% net tips deposited to their accounts. This solution streamlines the customer check out process and increases tips- happy customers and happy professionals.

The initial feedback has been extremely encouraging with Salon and Spa customers appreciating the cleaner tipping process while service professionals are enjoying increased tips. Since launching the new tipping structure, our average tip to service professionals has come in at $17.50 per tip, which equates to greater than 21.0% of service.

At Tippy, we always take your opinions to heart and are continuously experimenting to make Tippy work better for you- our new suggested tipping structure does just that.

We greatly value the feedback of our customers and we promise to work hard to constantly improve. Thank you for all of the support you have given to us so far, we are glad you have joined us on this journey.



Woohoo, you’re one step closer to tipping freedom!

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