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Rosy wants to offer you...

The first 3 months FREE ($75 value) plus a FREE Tippy kiosk ($500 value)! Plug & play,
no integration needed. If you don’t like it, no Pig Deal, we will come and grab it from you.

Got any questions?

Salon software made beautifully for you! No need to wait in line. Beat the rush and get your hooves on Tippy!


In the meantime... Want to know a little more about Tippy?


The NEW way to receive & handle tips.


Happy business owners, happy customers,
& happy service professionals!

Tippy helps salon owners reduce processing fees while creating a platform for salon professionals to receive higher tips that are directly deposited into their bank accounts the next day!

Tippy Pro For Business Owners

Tippy's dashboard allows owners to easily access reports for taxes! You can also manage staff roster, customize tip reporting, track and motivate sta!


Set up your company profile on your assigned salon dashboard. Simply invite your staff to download the Free Tippy app with your personalized salon code.


Tippy drops into your salon! Your package will have an iPad and a kiosk stand. Place your stand right on top of your checkout counter.


Plug & Play! A fun and simple to use design makes tipping an easy peasy process. It’s been proven to drive tips up an average of over 35%.


Now, on the other hoof...


Tippy The Free App For Service Professionals

Increase tip income, monitor tips, track financial goals, and conveniently split tips with assistants!


Download the Tippy App and set up your profile and bank account info. Tip notifications pop up as soon as you receive a tip!


With constant encouragement from Tippy, stylists can track their tips and set financial goals!


Tips are even deposited straight into your bank account the next day. It's that simple!

Well... How Much Does It Cost?

Much less than the processing fees it’s saving!

Tippy Pro is $25 per month, per kiosk. Each kiosk comes with the iPad and App already downloaded and ready for you to roll (around in mud)! All you have to do, is turn it on and connect to wi-fi!

The Free Tippy Mobile App has a 2.75% Fee plus Tippy’s fee of $0.50. These fees are way more
than covered by the increased tips.

So... Ready to become a VIPig?

We thought so too and we are excited to get you set up with Tippy! Fill out the form below and get your hooves on Tippy today!