Tip Culture: Part 1

March 4, 2020
By Tippy

Ever wonder when tipping became so automated?

Every coffee shop and pizza place now has a tip jar or a tip line on the credit card to reward someone for a job well done – but most times, the tip is being requested prior to the service. We aren’t here to rain on anyone’s parade, but statistics show that asking for a tip after a service is completed led to higher tips and less annoyed customers.

Speaking of higher tips… Did you know that implementing Tippy into a salon can increase tips by as much as 21.5% versus prior to using Tippy? High Five to that! Clients leave higher tips or more frequent tips when they are given more options. This is probably also why coffee shops and pizza places have begun asking for tips – they know they will get them.

But with Tippy, the client is only presented with their tip options after the service. Even though we offer a suggested tip amount, the client gets to make their tip experience personal. Letting the client know that tip will go directly into their service professional’s bank account puts the tradition back into tipping, while making it easy and convenient for the client.

Tipping “rules” may slowly be changing, but Tippy keeps it real, blending new technology and the personalization of Tipping all in one digital platform.

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