4 Reasons Why Tippy is the Best Tip Tracking App

Tippy is the best tip tracking app

October 2019

Tippy helps service professionals make more money!

Salon and spa industry professionals, rejoice: the best tip tracking app is finally here. Tippy is a one-stop-shop digital platform that makes tipping easier for both consumers and stylists and salon owners. Nowadays, the number of people who carry cash on a daily basis is few and far between. The way consumers tip is no longer a physical interaction, but a digital one. Tippy is here to make the tipping process smooth sailing for all and help stylists and salon owners manage finances seamlessly. Here are 4 reasons why Tippy is the best tip tracking app for salon professionals.

Tippy makes tipping simple and seamless

At its core, Tippy is the best tip tracking app because it’s simple. All customers have to do is press a button at the end of their service to send their tip to the stylist. Professionals love Tippy because it removes the middleman of the salon serving as a banker. Tips are directly deposited into the stylists’ bank account the next day. Yes, you read that right! No more waiting paycheck to paycheck to get your tips. Plus, Tippy is super easy to install for salon owners. Simply sign up for Tippy and get the Tippy Kiosk sent directly to your location. Stylists can download the free Tippy Mobile App on their phones to track their tip progress.

Tippy helps professionals make more money

Our founder David Tashjian has a saying that speaks to one of Tippy’s main benefits: Let them know you know. Basically, when customers know that you (the stylist) know what they’ve tipped, they’re more likely to tip higher. It all comes back to psychology and the fact that most people want to be seen in a positive light–thus, they will tip more when there’s transparency about the tip amount. And with Tippy’s simple user interface, customers can choose from various tipping options set up by the stylist–either in percentages or dollar figures–making it one of the best tip tracking apps to help stylists increase tips. Our beta tests proved that Tippy increased the average tip amount by 30%. It’s a win-win: stylists take home more tips and consumers can rest assured their tips are going directly to their service provider.

Tippy is easy to use for customers

Tipping, like most forms of payment, has gone digital. The days of digging in your wallet or purse for cash to tip are over. A study by U.S. Bank found that 50 percent of survey respondents reported carrying cash less than half of the time. Consumers can now easily step out of a salon with the click of a button knowing they’ve tipped their stylist appropriately. They no longer have to do quick math in their head to determine how much they’d like to tip since Tippy does the calculation for them. Plus, consumers can feel good about tipping their stylist adequately with the automated tip suggestions. They’ll even get an automatic email response with their tip information to keep for their records–one of the main reasons Tippy is the best tip tracking app for consumers.

Tippy helps you manage your finances

Tippy was created was not only to improve and simplify the tipping process but to financially empower professionals in the salon and spa industry. The Tippy mobile app offers useful features that make money management easy for users.

You can create files to measure your earnings that can be directly exported to send to a bank, which comes in handy when you’re applying for loans. Users are also spared a trip to the bank or ATM since their tips are sent to their bank account the next business day through direct deposit. Reporting for owners is easy, as the app offers all the necessary data in an easy to use and exportable format.

If your salon, spa, or service-based business needs a better way to track and receive tips, look no further than Tippy. The best tip tracking app is here to solve all of your tipping-related woes and empower your team to thrive in their financial lives. Learn more about Tippy today.

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